Egalitarian gender roles in church leadership

Here are the possible topics we can choose: 1. Defend, or argue against egalitarian gender roles in church leadership. 2. Either defend or argue against infant baptism. 3. Either defend or argue against cessationism. 4. Either defend or argue against the ‘inerrancy’ of Scripture. 5. Either defend or argue against the ‘open’ view of God’s providence. 6. Either defend or argue against the believer’s ‘eternal security’ in salvation. 7. Either defend or argue against soteriological universalism. I will upload a file include a list of suggested sources that could be used to investigate the assigned topics i will also upload a file “How to Write A Successful Paper For My Class” :Most all grade deductions on this paper come from not reading and following the suggestions in this handout. Most of all, yes, you do need to use footnotes. Using footnotes, furthermore, means that you are not combining them with another citation method (like MLA, APA, etc.)–which doesn’t look right at all. I will upload our textbooks as well. This assignment is to evaluate one theological perspective within the environment of a larger debate. In this paper, you need to accomplish the following objectives. 1.) Describe the theological position being evaluated in the context of the wider debate. 2.) Evaluate the biblical claims made by adherents of that viewpoint. 3.) Describe some potential arguments against the view you are evaluating. 4.) Weigh the strengths and weaknesses of this view in the context of the larger debate, especially with regard to its claims according to the sources of authority in theology (primarily Scripture, and then secondarily tradition, reason and experience).