1. Choose a film to be the subject of your essay. There are no constraints to your film choice other than it
    should be class appropriate (if you are unclear as to what this means, please contact me). Watch the entire
    film, preferably taking notes to aid in your analysis. You may need to watch the film more than once (or at
    least repeatedly study a few scenes) to complete this assignment. If you are having difficulty choosing a
    film or have any questions about the appropriateness of your choice, email me and | will help you make the
    best decision for the assignment.
  2. Review the four film conventions covered in class (sound, camera, color, and narrative) and choose at
    least two to analyze in the film. Review your film notes and possibly re-watch some scenes to properly
    analyze the conventions. Your convention analysis should answer the following questions:
    a. How is this convention used in the film?
    b. How does the use of the convention help with the storytelling?
    c. Is the use of the convention effective? (Example: How does the sound (music, etc.) impact your
    experience watching the film? Does it effectively add to the story or aid in communicating a theme,