Instructional strategies or learning activities

You have just started a company that will offer course curricula, including lesson plans, for adult learning for various purposes for classes in workplace settings, adult classes in academic settings, adult classes in military settings, classes in senior citizen learning settings, adult classes in learning disabled settings, and general community adult learning settings (including ESL adult learning settings). 
As the founder, leader, and one of the few employees of your young company, you must be able to evaluate designs for the lessons, including instructional strategies, learning activities, and the means of formative assessment that are appropriate for the unique characteristics and needs of the learners, appropriate for the unique content of the lessons, and appropriate for the level of the institution’s managerial support for learning. 
Your evaluation of the instructional strategies or learning activities and your evaluation of the means of formative assessment must total 9-12 pages. Include the following in your answers: 
Describe 2 different learning venues in which your company will offer course curricula. For each learning venue, include the following: Describe either 1 instructional strategy or 1 learning activity that could be used in that learning venue. In written form, evaluate the instructional strategy or learning activity in terms of how well it relates to the unique needs and characteristics of the following: Your specific learners Your specific content The support given by that institution’s management, administration, or supervisor (The type of institution is determined by the type of learning venue that you chose.) Describe 1 means of formative assessment of the learners’ performance that is appropriate.