For your case study, read the sections titled “Visionary” through “Affiliative Summary” of the following article
from the required reading assignment:
Preston, G., Moon, J., Simon, R., Allen, S., & Kossi, E. (2015). The relevance of emotional intelligence in
project leadership. Journal of Information Technology and Economic Development, 6(1). 16-40.
In your case study, be sure to address the following items:
®include a brief statement as to which of the leadership styles (visionary, coaching, affiliative, democratic,
pacesetting, and commanding) presented in the article that you are most comfortable employing, in
=Select and analyze one of the scenarios below. Be sure to provide the number of the scenario you chose.
Scenario 1: As a manager, you have two employees who have a difficult time working together. While
nothing specifically unprofessional has been done by either one of them, other team members have
expressed concern that the differences between them are causing tension, and some other team members