The major themes of “The Wealth of Nations”

• Review the major themes of “The Wealth of Nations” summarized below.(I already upload the themes us a file)Select 2 of these themes for your essay.
• Using the posted copy of “Wealth of Nations”, research the two themes that you selected.
• In the first 2 pages of your essay, summarize Smith’s view on the themes you selected and researched. Support your summary with references (quotes) from “The Wealth of Nations”.
• In the final page of your essay, based on your research, answer the following question: “Based on ‘The Wealth of Nations’ would Adam Smith think that the US today is a capitalist country?” Use examples from your summaries to support your opinion.
• For references/citations, use footnotes or endnotes to cite your sources for specific statements in the body of the paper
• If you use endnotes, list them on a separate page – endnotes don’t count as one of the 3 pages required for the essay
• DO NOT use in-text or inline citations (please see the example below – this is NOT the form of citation that should be used in your essay)
• Ex: The government should not control the flow of labor (Smith, 235).
• If you use any other sources in addition to the posted copy of “The Wealth of Nations”, add a page and list the additional sources.