The Taming of the Shrew in Our Time

Chose one of the following options: 
Option One: Adaptation and Performance If you chose this option, you will consider how theater companies, filmmakers, or other artists have adapted The Taming of the Shrew to resonate with their own cultures. A highly recommended path for this option would be to carefully watch Ten Things I Hate About You (1999), a loose adaptation of Taming that makes many changes to adapt the themes and basic story of the play for the genre of late-1990s teen romantic comedy. Students may also select other film adaptations or recorded performances, and papers may examine any aspect of what is gained, lost, or altered in the adaptation or performance, so long as they use close readings of both the play and the film to put forth objective arguments, not subjective opinions. 
Option Two: Taming and Abuse in the #metoo Era For this option, please review the attached documents: ‘Common Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse” and the “Power and Control Wheel.” Remembering that these are current (to us) ideas of what constitutes malicious behavior in a relationship, write a paper that evaluates Petruchio and Katherine’s relationship based upon these or similar criteria. From there, and being sure to use evidence from the play, consider if Shakespeare and his audience would have agreed with this perception of the relationship. 
For BOTH options, please remember that this is a formal paper, and your ideas must work to prove an argument that can be expressed in a clear and debatable thesis statement. Make sure you develop and support this argument using only concrete, demonstrable observations.