Tuck Everlasting

If you read Tuck Everlasting: Explain how this quote from page 129 in Children’s Literature, Briefly, 6th
edition could be true. “Tuck Everlasting arguably incorporates four of the six motifs (from the Six Basic
Fantasy Motifs, pages 126-129): magic, good vs. evil, the hero’s round, and fantastic objects.” Offer
support from the book. Since I only find 3 of these 4, it’s okay if you do too. Explain why you don’t find a
fourth, if you don’t.

Gathering Blue

If you read Gathering Blue: Explain how the book fits the definition of dystopia given in the section in
Children’s Literature, Briefly, 6th edition, on Science Fiction., “an imaginary place where people live
dehumanized and often fearful lives.” Give at least 3 examples of this from Kira’s world to support your
answer. What leads you to think that things weren’t always this way?

Graveyard Book

In an interview on the blog “brainpickings,” Neil Gaiman said, “In order for stories to work — for kids and for
adults — they should scare. And you should triumph. There’s no point in triumphing over evil if the evil isn’t
scary.” How does Gaiman accomplish this in The Graveyard Book ? Give 3 examples of how you consider
this idea works out or doesn’t in this book to support your answer.