Community nursing

Introduction (Must be a Paragraph) 
Provide a brief introduction that includes the mission statement, vision, and/or the goals of your practice learning site.
St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, a member of the Montefiore Health System, is dedicated to providing exceptional health care to improve the lives and well-being of the people in the communities we serve.
St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital’s Center for Cardiac Care is dedicated to providing the most advanced, integrated cardiac care in the region – from lifesaving angioplasty to a full range of diagnostic catheterizations and interventions.
Core Values:
We commit to holding ourselves, each other and our organization to the following core values:

  • Patient Centered
  • Compassion
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Collaboration
    Include in introduction what is a windshield survey and what is community nursing.

II. Description of Your Target Population (Must be a Paragraph) 
Compose a detailed description of your chosen target population, which is a specific group served by your practice learning site. In this section you will describe the demographic characteristics of your chosen target population, including the population’s socioeconomic status, vital statistics, education level, religion, and occupations. Include a table, graph, and/or figure display that includes relevant demographic data for your target population. 
Target Population- Cardiac Patients such as Congestive Heart Failure please go into detail description of this target population
Demographics in Newburgh NY:
Population in 28,358 (100% urban, 0% rural). 
Estimated median household income: $33,988 (it was $30,332 in 2000)
Population consist of 51% Hispanic and 25.1 % African American
Education : High school or higher: 71.5% Bachelor’s degree or higher: 11.8%

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III. Comparison of Sentinel City Demographic Data(Must be a chart comparing demographic from Newburgh and Sentinel city) 
Compare the demographic data of Sentinel City with the demographic data from the city where your practice learning site is located. You should present this information in a clear to understand table. You can use the Data Comparison Table provided in Module 2. 
Demographics in Sentinel City
Population, estimate 634,265 
Black or African American alone, percent 10.4%
White 80.6%
Median household income, =$49,091 
High school graduate or higher, 85.1%

V. Key Informants (Must be a Paragraph) 
Identify 3 key informants in the city where your practice learning site is located and 2-3 questions you would ask them. Examples of key informants include, but are not limited to: political leaders, health care providers, service providers such as mail carriers or shop owners, members of the fire or police departments and long term residents of the community. People who live and work in the community are a rich source of information and can often provide data not found in printed form. Your mentor from your Practice Experience will serve as the 4th key informant. Include specific quotes in response to the questions you asked your mentor that support and/or contradict information cited in the literature.
questions that I would ask them are; what is the number 1 cause of deaths in the population she deals with. Another question is; Does the local government conducting any health advocacy programs in the area? Is there a large readmission rate in the local hospital?
CHF clinical educator
The fourth key informant I chose was the Cardiac Step-down Manager R.K. Her answer was CHF was the number one cause of death of the population she deals with. They provided education on CHF to the patient both verbal and in writing. They also call and follow up with patients. Unfortunately she states there is a large readmission rate and which they now have formed a committee to address the problem.

V. Key Health Concerns or Issues (Must be a Paragraph) 
Present a list of the top 3 health concerns for your target population. Provide a brief description of these concerns and include data from you target population city that supports the rationale for selecting these health concerns. Select one of the three health concerns you identified and state why you decided to develop an intervention that addresses this particular health concern/issue. Include the Healthy People 2020 objective that relates to your identified health concerns.

VI. Community Health Nursing Diagnosis (Must be a Paragraph) 
Develop a community health nursing diagnosis based on your analysis of the demographic and health status data that you gathered, as well as your conversations with the key informants. You may consult with your practice learning site mentor to help you develop this diagnosis.
Your community health nursing diagnosis should be written using the following format:
Increased risk of (disability, disease, etc.) among (community or population) related to (disability, disease, etc.) as demonstrated in or by (health status indicator, or etiological/causal statement).
Increased risk of obesity among school age children related to lack of safe outdoor play areas for children as demonstrated by above average BMI rates. 
Increased risk of depression among persons with a physical disability related to the lack of handicap accessible facilities and social isolation as demonstrated by high suicide rate

VII A & B. Intervention to Address the Diagnosis (Must be a Paragraph) 
Describe your proposed intervention that will address the community health nursing diagnosis for your target population. You may choose to develop your own intervention, or modify one that was recommended by the Task Force on Community Preventive Services (TFCPS).
To view recommended interventions, visit the TFCPS website and select the topic you plan on addressing for your intervention. (Note: at the bottom of most topic pages on the TFCPS website there is a sample on how to cite the webpage. After reviewing the topics, click the “Resources” tab then click “Fact Sheets”. Here you may find fact sheets to share with your mentor at your practice learning site.)
Whether you modify an existing intervention or develop one of your own, you must discuss why this intervention will or why you needed to modify it because it would not work for your target population. Include advantages, population fit, and barriers in use of the intervention. You should include the long-term goals, two measurable objectives, and the required resources such as: time, equipment, finances, etc. [Note: you are not required to carry out your intervention but may present it to your practicum site mentor)

VIII. Evaluation Plan(Must be a Paragraph) 
Describe your method for evaluating the objectives of your intervention (for example, pre/post-test, survey, questionnaire, phone interview). Include one long term goal and two short-term measurable objectives.
Example of goals and measurable objectives:
Goal – To increase my potential for promotion at my place of employment
Objective – Complete all undergraduate nursing courses with a B+ or higher
Objective – Complete the American Sentinel University BSN program before 2020
Goal – To learn about public health nursing
Objective – Describe community health levels of prevention
Objective – List the 8 subsystems of a community