Critical Book Review on “Things Fall Apart”

Write a 750 word (2-3 pages) critical book review on Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart’. More information can be found in the Files Section. A critical review is not simply a book report. Your essay should be organized with a purpose in mind. What is it that you want to say about each book? You are expected to explicate (i.e.. read closely and analyze) the book’s contents, identify its main historical themes, and comment on its relevance to the course subject matter.
If you decide to focus on one aspect or another of the book, you still need to say something more general about the text before focusing in on your topic of interest. You should always give specific examples from the author’s text to illustrate your points and then cite the specific pages from which you are taking the example or quoting the author. Key questions to which you should pay attention: 1.What is the author’s thesis? 2. What is/are the author’s main arguments/arguments? 3.What issues are analyzed in the text? 4.How does the author employ evidence to sustain their argument/arguments? 5.Is the author’s presentation of the arguments and the evidence logical? 6.How does the book contribute to the respective field’s literature and historiography?