Escape Fire: the Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

Your documentary analysis should included the following: 
Summary: (1 page) Provide a summary of the video. 1: How does it describe the U.S. Healthcare System? 2: What problems/issues does it identify? 3: What solutions does it propose? 
Analysis: (2 pages) Use materials from class (readings, lectures, discussions; and other videos we have watched) to provide a critique of the video. 1:Does it accurately portray the current system? (Are the statistics used in the film valid? Does it accurately describe the components of the system?) 2: Does it provide a balanced assessment of the system? (Does it provide the negatives only or positives only?) 3:Does it provide a complete discussion of the system (Are there additional questions that they should be asking? Do you think they are missing a bigger issue or question?) 4: Does it provide a logical solution (Can you follow the reasoning/argument that it provides?) 
Recommendation: (1 page) Having completed (mostly) the course, provide a recommendation on how best to solve the problem identified in the video. 1: What are the range of solutions to those issues identified in the video? In class we touched on some approaches to fixing problems. Perhaps from your experience you have some additional ideas? 2: What do you think we should do? Please be specific and explain why. You may express your ideal solution (we cannot get where we want to go without articulating our ideal goal)