James Buchanan

he informative essay is designed to act as a “warm up” paper. While you will not be arguing a unique or original thesis, you will be using one and sticking to a single topic throughout the paper. The purpose of this paper is to inform, so scholarly sources are required. For this paper, you will be researching a ‘forgotten’ U.S. President(James Buchanan). Everyone has done a report on Abraham Lincoln or George Washington at one point or another, but what about Grover Cleveland or Rutherford B. Hayes? This paper will serve as a means of learning about and becoming an expert on a part of U.S. history about which you probably did not know. As far as the topic specifics are concerned, this is up to you. The paper should have structure (in that it should follow a logical order: early life, election, presidency, post-presidency, etc…), but the content specifics are not concrete. If you want to focus on policy, you may. If you prefer to focus on controversies or war, you may. Just be aware that there is a maximum of five pages allowed, and the paper should mostly involve the actual presidency of your person, but the aspects of the presidency you choose to research are up to you.