The Civil War

Directions: Write an essay with a clear thesis which clearly articulates an argumentative THEME and an argument, or an answer to the posed question. The body should be where evidence is cited to support your theme. Papers should include only one direct quote. Evidence should be directly linked, or support the theme of the argument. Papers should not wander all over the place aimlessly. Think of the thesis as the “Big S” or the big story, and all evidence should reflect the argument outlined in the introduction. A good conclusion should round out the paper re-stating the argument. Papers should rely on the course readings. 

TipThis assignment is not intended to be two book reviews in one assignment. Papers should not just summarize the main arguments, themes and sources. This essay is supposed to be a synthetic, argumentative essay which takes particular evidence which directly addresses the question in the form of an original, analytical, thoughtful argument. Similarly, attempt to provide equal treatment of evidence from both readings to adequately balance the essay as a synthetic work. 

Read Kate Stone’s Brokenburn and David Silkenat’s Driven From Home (See questions below)

Follow Essay form: The most important part of the paper is the introductory paragraph. There, a clear and bold thesis should be stated which directly addresses the question. The body of the paper should marshal evidence from the readings. Make sure and directly connect the evidence to the paper’s thesis, or “big S.” Avoid including irrelevant or extraneous information, making sure to explain the relationship of the evidence to the paper’s main argument. The concluding paragraph should sum up the argument. It is important though, that the argument directly address the posed question.

Mechanics: Typed in 12-point, New Times Roman Font with 1-1.5″ inch margins– All papers should have a title and be stapled. Do not include a bibliography and do not use any other sources. For documenting your evidence, or points, use simple parenthetical citation, e.g. for Silkenat, (S-54) or (S-54,26,78) and Brokenburn (B-23). After each paragraph in the body, a parentheses noting where evidence came from is required. Papers should be a minimum of 7 pp. in length. 

Writing: Please follow the writing guidelines; papers which deviate from the guidelines of the formal style and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be penalized accordingly.

Argumentative Essay Question:

  1. Compare and Contrast the different experience(s) of Kate Stone as a refugee compared to the refugees (White and Black) described in Silkenat’s book. Discuss at least three significant differences, and what difference was most important and why?