ABET Assessment Using Project Management Methods in the Creation of an Effective IT Project Plan

The Problem: Assume that you are working for a large accounting firm. You are in the Human Resources Division and you have just been given the responsibility to manage an IT project to install a new system to process everything related to your company’s payroll, payroll tax records, and vacation and health benefits. The system maintains records on insurance, state and federal taxes, social security, and the like — everything that you would find on a typical pay stub. You pay employees both hourly wages and annual salaries. The system is called PAYMASTER. 
As part of your work you have decided to develop an outline of your planning process using the structure of a knowledge areas/process groups matrix as a basis for your outline’s first two levels. Then you want to prepare a 2000 word summary of the plan. The following information is designed to take you through that work. In your response you will be providing either sample or full answers, depending on the nature of the planning element that you are describing. In many cases you will need to invent a number of the specifics as you develop your plan — just use a little imagination because there are literally thousands of elements that would go into an actual plan or system.