Sexual Ethics

Religion, Sex, and Gender: Unlikely Bedfellows? Religion is often thought to be at odds with claims about gender, sex, and sexuality — regarding free sexual expression or choices, the exercise of sexual/gender rights, and the flourishing of people who are marginalised in some way by their gender or sexuality.However, as we have seen throughout this last section of the course, religion and religious discourses are often used both personally and politically (e.g. by those who are NOT in positions of established authority within the religious tradition) to assert rights, freedoms, and demands which relate to gender and sexuality. 
We have seen how religion and religious discourses provide ways for people to articulate and fight for these rights/freedoms/demands (or even to reframe the question of rights and freedoms entirely, which Mahmood seems to suggest we could do); we have explored the relationship between sexual and religious freedom in law to consider how asserting religious freedom does not historically and legally entail denying sexual freedom; and we have looked at women’s roles in religious traditions and