Analyzing elected officials

Write to elected officials Choose one political issues that you care about: one federal. (They
should be issues of public interest–not.)
For this issue, write a letter of at least one single-spaced page in length to an elected official
urging a change in government policy. ♦ This letter should be addressed to your representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. Part of your grade on this letter will depend on whether you have written to an official who has
jurisdiction over the issue you are writing to him/her about. ♦ Make sure you are writing to officials who are your own representatives, as opposed to officials
who represent people living elsewhere. You can identify your state assembly and congressional
representatives on the Project Vote Smart website ( ♦ This letter should explain:
o The nature of the issue you are concerned about. o Why this issue is important to you personally. o What specific change in policy you want. o What you’d like the recipient of your letter to do to help change the policy. (For example,
introduce legislation, co-sponsor a bill, issue an executive order, etc.). ♦ This letter must include your name(Joey) and the city(Foster City, 94404) where you live; it
must also include the name, elected office, and mailing address of the elected official to whom
you’re writing. You can find the addresses for your federal and state representatives on the
Project Vote Smart website ( You can find the addresses for your local
government representatives on the website of the government body in which they are elected to
serve (e.g. San Mateo County, City of Belmont, San Francisco Unified School District, etc.)