Country Profile

  1. Search for and download data for your selected country, and Canada OR the United States, for 1970-2015, for the following measures:
    a. Capital-income ratio, using the “net private wealth % of national income” measure.
    b. Income inequality, using on of the “Top 1% income share” measures.
    c. Gini Coefficient.
  2. Using Microsoft Excel, generate a separate line graph for each variable (3 separate line graphs, 2 countries each). Be sure to label all the variables and axes, and to add titles to your tables..
  3. Write a short paper that compares your country with either the United States or Canada
    (whichever you chose). Your paper should have the following sections:
    Section 1: Introduction
    The paper should begin with an introduction that briefly explains what the paper is about
    and summarizes your findings.
    Section 2: Main Body

In this section you need to:
• Define each variable and explain the advantages and disadvantages of as a
measure of inequality.
• Present your data in line graph format.
• Describe how would you classify your country with respect to its level of inequality
relative to other countries? Explain your answer, and use course readings to
answer this question, referencing them appropriately.