Project and Brief Analysis

Identify relevant drivers of project development, including economic, social and political factors for complex projects
Understand the motivations, needs and objectives of construction clients during project inception and the role of construction and cost managers in addressing these during feasibility evaluation
Understand the importance of briefing to the ultimate performance and success of complex projects
Formulate project briefs for design-bid-build, design and build, and non-conventional procurement approaches using a generic framework
In addition to discussing the four LO’s in the journal, we will also need to discuss some matters as per the trigger 1 (attached). These are:
-Discuss early design phases of project development (emphasis on inception, briefing & early planning stages)
-Identify contribution of cost & construction expertise in relation to early design phases

  • Discuss the nature and timing of key decisions, key issues and how these decisions will affect the project risk
    -Key Deliverable are to determine scoping, inputs and outputs document that drive a project and provides a reference point for client’s expectations.