Hedonic Price

  • Chapter 1: Introductiom 1.1 Background of the problem
    • Explaining the Hedonic Price as an active discussion which still not setteled
    • Highlighting from other papers of lack of variables
    • Why is Dubai in United Arab emirates is important in our study ?
    • The results of the Hedonic Price will be used to create a House Price Index (HPI)
    • The effect of HPI on the macro economy 

1.2 Objectives

  • Study determinant of House Price (Hedonic)
  • Creating HPI
  • The effect of the House Price on the Macro economy (GDP, GPD growth, …etc)

1.3 What is the unique of this paper in terms of Academic contribution or practical implication

Chapter 2: United Arab Emirates – Dubai

Explain in this chapter about the UAE and the economy as general then especially in the property (Housing) economy

Chapter 3: Literature review
Please highlight the gaps in the literature

3.1 Hedonic with differnt determinant

3.2 Housing Prices and the relations with Housing Prices Index (HPI)

3.3 How the HPI will effect the macro economy

3.4 Summary of gaps identified

Chapter 4: Methodologies
Elaborate on the methodologies that will be used for the below

4.1 Hedonic Price
4.2 Housing Price index
4.3 Relation with the Macro economies (eg: Inflation rate, macro determinants, …etc)

Chapter 5 : Research findings

5.1 Descriptive
5.2 Regression
5.2.1 Hedonic issues
5.2.2 Housing price index
5.2.3 Macro economics

Chapter 6: Conclusion

Chapter 7: Recommendations