Evaluating an Autobiography

Choose one picture book biography or autobiography to evaluate. If you prefer to use a book with chapters, select several chapters to get a good sense of the book. 
Refer to Chapter 13, Biography in your textbook Children’s Literature, Briefly (CLB) as needed. 1. Title, Author, Illustrator, Publisher, and original copyright date (assumed) 2.Please add a book image. (5 points) 3. Type of biography (see pages 170-172 in CLB) (5 points) 4. Describe the focus of the book. Provide a short summary. What portion of the individual’s life is described? How is it described or written? Can you give an example? (10 points) 5. Describe the illustrations (if any) and note how they add to the understanding of the individual. (5 points) 6. Does the book present a balanced view of the person? Please explain. See the section on “Judging Biographies for Young Readers” in CLB.) (5 points) 7. Does the author acknowledge his/her sources and seem to give an authentic profile? (5 points) 8. What is your reason for selecting this book? (5 points)