Excel Training

You are the manager of a bookshop.
At the beginning of the month you receive a shipment of books from the publishers:
• 151 copies Why be happy when you could be normal?, Jeanette Winterson, £7.94
• 88 copies The Wainwright Letters, Alfred Wainwright, £14.76
• 120 copies Mercury Rises, Robert Kroese, £8.99
• 78 copies Aleph, Paulo Coelho, £5.99
• 223 copies The Litigators, John Grisham, £8.99
Create a spreadsheet to record this data
During the next three weeks the book sales are as follows:

Week 1  Week 2  Week 3

Winterson 11 17 23
Wainwright 8 5 3
Kroese 3 1 15
Coelho 21 9 5
Grisham 49 52 32

Add this data to your spreadsheet
Calculate the total number of sales of each title.
Calculate the total value of sales of each title.
Calculate the total number of book sales for each week.
Calculate what proportion of the initial stock is still left at the end of week 3 for each title.
Enter new column to the right of your table which uses a formula that shows a warning message for any title which has less than 50% of the original stock remaining
Draw a pie chart to show what proportion of all sales is represented by each title.
Draw a column chart to show the sales of these titles over the 3 weeks.
How have sales changed between week 1 and week 3?