“Process That Prevents Groupthink”


  1. Read the attached article titled as “Process That Prevents Groupthink’” by Art Markman, published in
    Harvard Business Review, and answer the following Questions: [3 Marks]

a. Summarize the article and explain the main issues discussed in the article. (In 400-600 words)

b. Why groups working together diverge less than individuals working alone.

  1. Analyze the spreadsheet shown in figure below which summarizes monthly sales of shoes for Florina,
    including leather shoes, sport shoes and personalized sport shoes. [2 Marks]

a. You have to identify the decision, constants, and output variables in the spreadsheet based on the
information given in figure? Indicate how much money Florina can make per month from the sales of

b. Give your views on which type of shoe they should promote the most aggressively to increase the
revenue of the company on the basis of information given in figure?


41 Florina

2 Shoe Type Price

(in SAR) Unit to Sell Subtotal

(in SAR)

3 Leather Shoes 200 1200 240000

4 Sports Shoes 350 1800 630000

5 Personalized Sports shoes 400 800 320000

6 Total Revenue 1190000