Crime Victim Processing

When you were attending AIU, you thought of yourself being an undercover narcotics officer or working for
a bank as a fraud investigator, but you were initially exposed to the role of a victims’ witness assistant
during the Criminal Careers course at AIU. Then, your best friend became a victim of a crime of violence “
after being stalked for several months, and that incident changed your life. As you provided comfort and
support to your friend during the judicial process, you were exposed first hand to the role played by the
victims’ witness assistant during the criminal judicial process. The role of the victims’ witness assistant
changed you, and you decided then that you wanted to pursue a career as a victims’ rights advocate
somewhere. It has been a year since you were able to start your career in the victims’ rights advocate
position, and every day, you feel that you are making a difference in society and your jurisdiction.
The prosecutor for whom you have been working as a victims’ witness assistant has had several calls from
victims of stalking. Some cases seem more serious than other cases; however, one case that no one in the
office thought was serious resulted in the victim’s death. Everyone thought that the couple was just going
through a difficult breakup. This case had a tremendous impact on the entire office, especially you.
To help make sure that the office does not minimize a potentially dangerous situation again, the prosecutor
has asked you to put together an intake, evaluation, and assessment instrument to be used in taking
information on stalking situations. Be sure to check stalking statutes, and cite the elements of the crime of
stalking in your documents.