Curriculum analysis

Conduct a curriculum analysis based on materials provided by your instructor (matenals in start here of course menu, and attached below). This project will include an examination of an entire curriculum, looking at characteristics of the curriculum (you will be given details) and responding to short answer questions regarding the quality of various areas of the curriculum. You will respond to the given set of short answer questions found in course resources (start here). Answer questions 1-5 of the short answers, and then choose 15 out of the 23 remaining questions to answer. 
You will select one of the following sites to analyze, responding to the questions provided. Please analyze K-12 curriculum K-12: Scope & Sequence: Common Sense K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum 
Everyday Mathematics 

Everyday Mathematics Middle School: 
Annenberg Learner: Economics USA: 21 Century Edition Secondary/Higher Ed: Annenberg Learner: Life Science 
Annenberg Learner: Against All Odds