Discrete Probability Variables

Provide an example that follows either the binomial or Poisson distribution, and explain why that example follows that particular distribution. Show the work (or describe the technology steps), and soive that probability example.
This week, we will be discussing Discrete Data Probability Distributions. We will be learning about the binomial distribution. According to Palmisano (2018), there are three conditions that must be met for a binomial distribution and they include; the number of the observations are fixed, the observations are independent, and the probability of success is the same in all the trials of the experiment. Given a business situation word problem or case study such as defective items or waiting lines, use discrete probability concepts to determine a course of action.Reference Palmisano, A. (2018). Poisson and Binomial Distribution. The Encyclopedia of Archaeological Sciences, 1-4.
doi:10.1002/9781119188230 saseas0467