1. Choose a documentary filmmaker, past or present, and explore one or more of
    his/her films as part of a body of work that presents a vision of the world (e.g.
    Werner Herzog, Kim Longinotto, Errol Morris, Alanis Obomsawin, Adam Curtis,
    Frederick Wiseman, Nettie Wild). What does this auteur or authorial approach tell
    you about documentary as a genre for the representation of “reality”?
  2. Research the documentary or realist traditions and institutions of any national
    context. Particularly good examples include Brazil, Britain, Canada, China, Cuba,
    India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, the United States and Russia.
  3. Analyse the usage of documentary footage and/or style in a piece of fiction
    (e.g. mockumentary, comedy vérité, video game). Alternatively, analyse the use
    of dramatic acting or re-enactment in a documentary. What is the effect of
    reaching across or blurring the genre divide in this way? Has the example you
    have chosen generated any controversy?
  4. Choose any contemporary piece of documentary media (television, sound,
    graphic novel, film or video) and situate its usage of ideas and styles from
    documentary media history and theory.