Gore’s global organizational design challenge?

uestion: Describe Gore’s global organizational design challenge? 
This case analysis is open-ended and made for you to use professional creativity to develop an excellent submission. I want you to be able to use your knowledge and abilities to analyze the case using your team’s unique approach. At a minimum, please detail the areas W.L. Gore is striving, areas that need work, provide solutions to challenges/issues, and provide a direction going forward for the company. 
An overview of the case is below along with the link to the case. The framing points below are not direct questions to answer, but rather it is supplied for you to build the sections of your paper. These framing points are made for you to stay focused and structured. You may ( and should) extend past these framing points to provide even more insight on the company. 
Due to the challenges of a global market place, business teams are spread over three continents. The challenge of having a successful global presence requires virtual teams to enable a high degree of coordination in the development, production and marketing of products to customers across the world. Growth and globalization present significant challenges for W. L. Gore as it strives to maintain a family-like, entrepreneurial culture. Gore’s culture maximizes individual potential in a creative environment. The culture results from a commitment to technology for developing quality products. This strategy is carried out through a unique approach to leadership. What practices have to change to accommodate changing realities?