Informational Interview

Conduct an interview with someone who has a job of interest to you. All interviewees should have 3 or more years of experience in your field of choice. Interviews of family members, peers, or faculty members will not be accepted. 

Written Report:
type a 3-page report on the informational interview using the following format:

Detailed description of the job(s) and what it involves 
Detailed description of the way these interviews affected your knowledge about careers and your own career exploration.
What new information, ideas, and insights you gained?
Did the interview increase or decrease your interest in the field? Explain. 
Does the job match your interests, values, personality and skills? Explain.
You must either submit a business card of the contact or provide complete contact information, including job title, address, and phone number. Be sure to submit accurate information, as Interviewees may be contacted by one of our staff members.