Interview Scheduling Narrative

For this phase of the project, set up your interview with a command level supervisor within a criminal justice
organization. Command level supervisors might be police captains, assistance chiefs, chiefs, deputy sheriff
lieutenants, correction captains, probation managers, or any other criminal justice organization manager at
the higher levels of the organization.
Reminder your interview will be due in module
Step 1 – Make the Contact
Make calls to find a command level supervisor of manager to interview.
Ideas for what to communicate during your call:
Explain that you are a student taking a course in criminal justice leadership and management. You have
been asked to interview a criminal justice supervisor or manager as part of a special course project.
Inform the potential interviewee that your assignment is to develop a policy for a criminal justice agency in
the area of employee decisions. Examples are employee use of force, employee alcohol use off duty,
professional conduct on or off duty, seatbelt use while driving the organization’s vehicle car, and so on. The
policy ts important because if employees make a bad decision, it could have a negative impact on the
You are only asking for 30 minutes to interact with the supervisor about your policy assignment.
Step 2 -Mail (E-Mail) a Letter
Prepare and mail or e-mail a confirmation letter to the supervisor summarizing your phone conversation.
Keep the letter or email as a Word document on your computer to turn in to your instructor.
Alternate Activity. If for some reason you are unable to conduct a live interview, be sure to obtain your
instructor’s approval for an alternate activity. This might be a phone or email interview or some other
“interview equivalent’ on the Internet.