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Assume you are the Director of Human Resources. An employee advises you that another employee approached them while they were working on the assembly line and asked them to sign a Union Authorization card. The employees tell you that they refused to sign the card, and were annoyed that the employees bothered them while they were working. Both employees were on the clock and were in the work area. What should you do if the Company has a “no solicitation” rule banning any solicitation during the working hours in working areas?
POST BY Badia Zaahir-Bey;
As the Director of Human Resources I would first speak to my staff to make sure this information has been posted or provided to the employees. I don’t think I would necessarily single the employee out. I may have one of my Human Resources employees have a side bar with him and explain to him about the no solicitation” rule. I would either call a employee meeting for all; or redistribute the employee handbook or policy information.

Advising all employees that working time is for just that working time; however non working time, and non working areas are appropriate for non work related activities, and it is lawful to distribute union information during non-working time in non-working areas, but also be mindful and respectful of other employees wishes/views. I would also explain that the no solicitation rule during working time is for the safety of the employees and company.
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