Risk Management and Quality Assurance

The major case study format must be used. The case study range is 4-6 pages, may include appendices.

The response must be typewritten and double spaced. Students may submit their case studies for

feedback prior to submitting the final document. To be assured of obtaining the feedback with ample time to

make revisions, submitted the draft 1 week prior to the date due.

Introduction: Establish the foundation for the case analysis. Set the stage for the sections to follow. Be

concise; highlight the issues.

Problem Identification: Identify the major issues or problems to be solved in the case. List the steps in your


Analysis: Analyze the major issues and discuss the implications. Discuss the outcome should you decide

the issue isn’t critical and you will make no changes and the outcome should you decide to make changes.

Recommendations: State and support your recommendations for solving the major problems identified in

the case study. Apply the background given in your analysis to justify your recommendations. Consider

personnel behavior changes expected.