Security-Related Trends

Imagine you have been hired as a security consultant for the XYZ software company. One of XYZ’s competitors recently suffered a high-profile online hacking event that the authorities believe was initiated onsite at the competitor’s company headquarters. In response, the CEO of XYZ has asked you to create an abstract, or concise summary, of recent security-related trends, including cybersecurity, so the CEO can decide whether the environment has changed sufficiently to warrant an overhaul of XYZ’s current security strategy. Your abstract must address trends affecting the security profession, relevant U.S. legislation, terrorism, and globalization. Because international operations are critical to the success of XYZ, your report must mention significant differences in the way different regions are affected by and address security. Because the audience is a chief executive officer, your report must be brief; incorporate on-slide text sparingly; include speaker notes that expand and clarify the on-slide text; include a graphic or chart where a visual representation of a concept or data would be more effective than text; and end with clear, concise recommendations that you, as a security consultant, recommend XYZ pursue to secure XYZ’s physical, personnel, and informational assets going forward. Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that conforms to the assignment requirements outlined above.