The Great Debaters 
“The Great Debaters” Film Assignment: 
Directions: (Part I) In complete sentences, thoroughly answer the questions or statements that follow while watching the film. (Part II) In a well-developed essay, you must type your answers to the analysis statements below. 
PART I: The Great Debaters: Questions to answer during the film (40 points) Question 1. Do you believe education is the only way out? Explain your answer. Question 2. What is the difference between the resolve and the affirmative? Question 3. Explain what he means by “Your Words being your weapon.” Question 4. In today’s technological age, is it possible to write your own dictionary? Explain your answer. Question 5. Do you believe welfare discourages hard work? Explain your answer. Question 6. Identify all the persuasive techniques you recognize during the debate versus Paul Quinn College. 

Question 7. In the debate versus Oklahoma City University, the opposition (white debater) accounts a personal example and a quote from whom during this portion of the debate. Which rhetorical appeal is this?
Question 8. When planning their debate against Harvard University, what point did Samantha suggest should go last? Why? 
Question 9. List two persuasive techniques James Farmer, Jr. uses throughout the debate and give examples from the scene to support these techniques. 
Question 10. Analyze why the Wiley Debaters were so successful. Give specific techniques they used to hook their audience, language and vocabulary used, and the support they used to defend their position. 
Bonus. Why is Forest Whitaker’s statement about the greatest weakness of man important to the Wylie debate team?