Through the Looking-Glass

For this discussion question read the excerpt from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll on p. 318 in your text. This unnerving passage is useful for thinking about Descartes approach to epistemology. Apply what you have learned about Descartes Discuss Descartes Method of Doubt in the context of literature. Write three paragraphs (100 words each) on the following question from your text. “What is the relationship between this little story and Descartes’ dream argument?” Make sure to EXPLAIN the Method of Doubt first. 
Paragraph 1: Explain Descartes’ method of doubt. Cite from Vaughn. Paragraph 2. Explain the relevant parts of the Carroll story. Cite. Apply Descartes’ method of doubt to the story. Paragraph 3. Give your own argument assessing Descartes’ Method of Doubt. 
For more tips: This is a skill in applying a philosophy theory to a piece of media, as if you were having a conversation with your friend about the story. Keep in mind that your friend has neither read the Carroll story and knows nothing about Descartes. So work on sufficient explanation and clarity.