Artificial intelligence

Write the essay about topic (artificial intelligence) Follow the instruction and write simple language.please in the last page(4) have works cited. 
Chapter 12 “We will be God.” You should pull examples and relevant quotes from these sections. In addition, you can also use relevant/related examples from other sources, such as articles you have come across in your Research Paper or personal experiences. Format: Essay of about 2 ‘A to 3 pages (double-spaced, 750 words) 
Introduction: Must contain a thesis (a response to the exam question) Body section: Three to four paragraphs. Discuss one point in the form of a “topic sentence” in each body paragraph. Support the topic sentences with explanation, examples, and quotes. Conclusion: Sum up the major points in your body section and restate your thesis in a different way. Include documentation in the MLA format both inside your paper (in-text citations) and Works Cited.