Brown vs board of education

The culminating project for the Synthesis of Educational Theory Domain is writing a research paper that describes your vision of the purpose and structure of schools in the future. In order to develop a vision of education for the future, it is important to understand educational trends, practices, and theories of the past.

In preparation for the Synthesis of Educational Theory Domain, this task requires a 4–6 page paper on a topic of historical importance in education. The following is a suggested list of research ideas:

Brown v. Board of Education
educational theory (progressivism)
educational trends
existing philosophies in education

A. Identify a research topic about something of historical importance in education.

  1. Create a title that directly relates to the topic selected in part A.

B. Create a detailed outline for a research paper based on the topic from part A that includes the following:

• a thesis statement

• the main points

• supporting details

C. Develop the paper by doing the following:

  1. Provide an effective and captivating introduction.
  2. Provide a thesis statement that defines the paper topic.
  3. Develop supporting points for the thesis statement in a sequence of organized paragraphs in the body of the paper.
  4. Provide scholarly evidence for each supporting point, using specifically cited examples from works read on the topic.