Business Analysis And Consultancy

Prepare a final project report for the case company explaining the analyses you have carried out, your findings, solutions and final recommendations for the company. A suggested report template will be provided later, however you are free to use a structure that you feel is most appropriate.

In this page you will find information you need to conduct your Group Consulting Assignment. The Client Company is HarbourSide Hotel which was introduced to you throughout the lecture programme. The HarbourSide Hotel is a 340 room, 4 star hotel situated on Sydney’s harbour with views of the world-famous bridge and Opera House. Their main challenge is “How best to improve the hotel’s profiability?”

employ business analysis and consulting concepts, tools and techniques which you have learned during the course to identify the main causes of their problem, to come up with some recommendations and to evaluate the proposed solutions to help HarbourSide Hotel with their challenge. Throughout the course you will be given further information about the Hotel.