Business Risk/Insurance

Select one of the three following publicly traded Florida corporations (all have some local presence).

PGT Industries (PGTI)

Jabil Industries (JBL)

Sun Hydraulics (SNHY)

Go to the company’s web site (or other source, if you prefer) and link to the most recent SEC 10-K annual

statement filing. Download the latest 10-K. You can use the “Find” function of your browser to search for

words like “hedge,” “liquidity,” “insurance,” “risk,” etc. and read about the company’s risk financing


Within the concepts presented in Chapter 5, explain how your selected company has dealt with their

primary risk financing challenges. | would expect you to include specifics and numbers, not broad

generalities. If you believe they have missed any opportunities for beneficial risk financing strategies, you

are welcome to address them.

You should read through Chapter 5 before you start writing your report. There is a lot of detail in the

chapter but not all of it will apply to your selected 10-K.

Please compose your paper as a “white paper’ that you would present to the company’s top management.

You do not need to follow APA format. This assignment accounts for 20% of your grade. Take your time

and deliver a report you would be proud to share with co-workers and fellow students. | suggest submitting

your paper as a Microsoft Word document. You should be able to cover the topics in 3-5 single spaced

pages. If you really get into the analysis, you are welcome to submit more and | will be happy to read your