“Designing Your Life.”

Review 2.1 Designing Your Life before you complete this activity.

Complete the “Life Design Assessment” on page 14-27 of “Designing Your Life.”

Write a reflection of at least 400 words including the four writing prompts below.

Copy, paste and respond to these numbered items:

  1. List the four areas on the dashboard. Write a few sentences about how it’s going in each of the four





  1. Mark where you are (0 to full) on each gauge.

For extra credit, draw gauges and mark where you are on them.

  1. Discuss how you may or may not have a design problem you’d like to tackle in each of these areas.
    Describe how there is or is not a design problem.
  2. Discuss how your “problems” may be is a gravity problem, or not.

Describe your response.

Describe your response.

  1. List your word count total:

For all writing assignments, format your paper. Include:

  1. Your name
  2. Number each page.
  3. The title of your paper.
  4. The title of the subsection, or the question.