Determine its atomic mass, atomic number of a molecule

Pick one food (or drink) and think about it in terms of molecules and atoms by answering the following questions: 
a. Which plant and/or animal species is this food item made of (it might be more than one for processed food items, check the list of ingredients)? 
b. State a hypothesis about which micro (vitamins and minerals) and macromolecules (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) this item contains. Remember. a hypothesis is an educated guess or prediction of results. 
c. After stating your hypothesis, do a web-search to find reliably scientific source(s) of information about which micro and macromolecules this food item contains. Include a brief summary of your results. 
d. Do your results support the hypothesis? Why or why not? 
e. Pick one of the four macromolecules (or “molecules of life”) in this food and briefly describe their chemical structure. What are the building blocks? What is the role of this macromolecule in our body? 
f. Pick one of the elements found in this macromolecule. Determine its atomic mass, atomic number, as well as number of protons, electrons and neutrons.