Egypt, Ancient and Modern

Ancient Egyptian civilization and its monuments exercised an ongoing fascination from Renaissance Italy to the Baroque; from the age of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Egyptian Campaign (1798-1801) to Howard Carter’s discovery of King Tut’s tomb (1922). Eventually, it became integrated into the Pop cultures of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. For this two-page essay, please select and analyze an artwork/monument created since the Renaissance that was inspired by ancient Egyptian civilization.
The essay should:
Include information about historical, geographical, and cultural contexts; if known, the artists or architects, their lives, geographic origins and inspirations can be discussed
Identify technique (from building materials for architecture to oil on canvas for a painting), title, date, dimensions (only if known) Engage visual information provided by the work of art itself; Describe what you see and interpret this visual information. Point out the historical context and inherent aesthetic qualities of the work. Ask yourself questions such as this: What defined the Egyptian style? Why did ancient Egypt exercise such a strong fascination over so many centuries? How did other regions and cultures see ancient Egypt? Write in clear and grammatically correct English. Only write full sentences.