Inbound Marketing

My brand is McDonald’s Here is your chance to go a little deeper down the inbound marketing funnel. You’ll be building off of the strategy you completed last week. 
Now it’s time to close your prospect and delight them in the process. 
Do the following for this week’s assignment: 
Write three follow up emails, 50 to 125 words. Each email should focus on moving the prospect closer to a sale. Create a second content offer idea. Give us all the details of what this offer will entail. What is the download? What is the call to action? Include call to action headline and supportive text (two sentences.) Explain how you plan to delight the buyer using social media Expectations 
Must be at least 500 words Must be client ready, nicely formatted and formal in language. It must be overtly clear you’ve used the information in the resources, reading and first day of class to form your analysis. If we don’t get the sense you understand the initial concepts we’ve taught your grade will be negatively affected.