Review 2.1 Designing Your Life before you participate in this discussion.


Reply to this discussion. Copy/paste all four items listed below. Number your responses.

Reply to at least two of your classmates.

Grading Criteria

This is a full credit/no credit assignment. For credit, you must include all of the items listed above.

Copy/paste and respond:

In the introduction, the authors point out that only 27 percent of college graduates have a career related to

their majors. What did you think when you read that statistic? Will you be among the 27 percent? How do

you know?

The concept of “reframing”—pivoting your perspective to address a perceived problem—plays an important

role in this book. What experiences have you had with reframing, either in your career or in your personal


When discussing the role of a designer, the authors say, “Designers don’t think their way forward.

Designers build their way forward* (page xxv). Until you read this book, had you been mostly thinking or

mostly building?

List the 5 mindsets (pg xxvi) and describe what each means to you. Do not copy the text.

  1. Be curious…
  2. Try stuff…
  3. Reframe problems…
  4. Know it’s a process…
  5. Ask for help… ee
    ieee – Contact support +