Schizophrenia, race, mental illness.

The following are notes from class. First summarize the notes about what you have learned. Then write a

one page reflection of your thoughts, feelings, and any questions you may still still have.

Clinician bias – bias that’s has been internalized.

Race and mental illness – highly racialized

“Real” mental illness 5-10% at any given time.

Schizophrenia – 1% of population

bipolar – 2% of population

You can have hulications with bipolar

1968- DSM II

Schizophrenia sub types

Paranoid & Catatonic

Institutinalized racism in schools

  • less funding which comes from city/state
  • Criminal justice
  • process through which American society equates race & insanity

Drapetomania – enslaved people wanting to be free.

Dysaesthesia aethiopis – a form of disrespect for masters properly.

Incarceration vs. Imprisonment