The Shangri-La Group


Prepare a case study of a significant firm that operates in hospitality or tourism markets (Your lecturer will allocate case study organisations).

Learning objectives:
Through this exercise students will demonstrate that they: 
• Understand the nature of hospitality and tourism markets
• Search for industry and company information
• Can use appropriate evaluation tools (SWOT analysis)

Submission format:
• Oral presentation of 20 mins (no written report!)
• A hard copy of any PowerPoint slides you use during this session should be given to your lecturer before the presentation

Suggested structure:
• Introduction to the case study: What is the presentation going to do and how will it be structured?
• Introduction to the company: current scale, markets / services
• Brief history of the company
• Company structure: Ownership, internal structure, relationship to parent companies and subsidiaries.
• Detailed description of the current range of services or products (different brands)
• Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis of the company based on publicly available information.
• Conclusion: Contributions of this company. What can we learn from them?

Case Study: Oral Presentation Mark Scheme (HRTM12-204_191)

Name: ____________

Criteria Comments Mark

  1. Structure of the presentation
    • Clear aims & objectives
    • Follows logical sequence 
    • Builds audience understanding /10
  2. Value of content
    • Interesting and relevant 
    • Evidence of research /10
  3. Communication skills
    • Clear speech
    • Appropriate timing / pace of delivery
    • Appropriate non-verbal communication /10
  4. Presentation and use of visual aids
    • Appropriate dress / presentation
    • Use of visual aids 
    • Teamwork
    • Evidence of Preparation /10