Family of Origin Influence

a. How do you think your FAMILY-OF-ORIGIN influenced you in each of the areassuggested below? 
b. HOW DID THE COURSE MATERIAL, YOUR READINGS AND RESEARCH, INFORM YOUR THINKING i.e. key terms, relationship concepts, etc.? Keep in mind that this is NOT meant to be a summary or review of your life experiences. It is a way for you to reflect on and apply ideas and insights from class and readings to understand relationship dynamics in a new and deeper way.

A. Your style of communicating
B. Your way of dealing with conflict and how you tend to manage stress
C. How you like to “play” (leisure activities)
D. How you express your religion
E. Family Roles    
F. Gender roles
G. Your expression of your ethnic identity and how you celebrate your ethnic traditions  
H. Your attitude toward sex
I. Your work values and habits