This argumentative essay must be based on the book by Hisham Matar ‘The Retum’. Im hoping for a strong argument mainly about how he identifies himself in the beginning of the book and how his identity is affected throughout the course of his journey when he learns more about his fathers death/disappearance. The book is a true story about Hisham Matar and his fathers incarceration during the time Libya was under the Qaddafi regime. Should address his fathers political rote during this period, and how it was for Hisham Matar, to grow in such situation. How/why/if this period and line of events has changed (and how?) the person Hisham Matar is today, or in other words changed his identity? Can also can begin essay by addressing, what makes a persons identity? Name, culture, religion etc. What changes someones identity? After the introduction, and clearly stating the argument.