Impact of weather events

The outline format: Your outline must be formatted as described and exemplified in the example attached. Please note that this format will be assessed in your grade:
• Use an alphanumeric sequence
• Sections should be indented and aligned
• Follow the suggested order of the required elements
• Use brief but detailed and descriptive phrases. 
The required elements: Your outline should contain the following elements in this order:

  1. The Introduction: this section must contain
    o Name of research topic
    o When weather event occurred
    o Where weather event occurred
    o Who was impacted by weather event
    o Why is weather event relevant and important
  2. The Body (Content Sections): this section should contain
    o Weather Journal: Please review the Weather Journal and include a minimum of five days of atmospheric conditions. Record conditions beginning at least two days prior to the event and ending at least two days after the event. 
    o Weather Event: Discuss the meteorology of what happened during your weather event. Describe conditions seen on the ground. 
    o Causation: Factors instrumental in creating favorable conditions for this weather event (i.e., surface heating, upper level disturbances, frontal convergence, etc.)
    o Societal Impacts: Discuss the short-term (i.e. evacuations, power outages, property damage, injuries, loss of life, etc.) and long-term (i.e. economic losses, homelessness, mass relocations, etc.) impacts this weather event had on society.
    o Weather Readiness: Plans to minimize, mitigate, or avoid future impacts from similar weather events (i.e. investing in weather radios or weather apps, evacuation plans, recovery centers, improving infrastructure, etc.)
  3. The Conclusion Section: this section should contain four to six points that sum up the main points from the body of the outline.
    o Start your conclusive section with one sentence summarizing some basic information included in the introduction your chosen topic
    o Continue with a brief summary (1-2 sentences) summarizing what happened.
    o Include a brief note about future weather readiness.
    o Wrap up the conclusive section with a closing note that provides brief information about relevancy of your topic.
  4. Reference section: This is not just the reference page; rather, referencing should occur throughout the outline as it will in your presentation. Therefore, your outline should include both a separate reference page containing a minimum of five sources listed in proper APA reference list format AND internal citations throughout the outline where appropriate. Please be sure to see the resources below for assistance regarding in-text citations and reference list formatting, and/or ask me if you have any additional questions.
    Additional Resources:
    • Use MS Word’s Outline Function. Use a MAC? Here is a video link (captioning included on the link) that you may find useful that reviews formatting in MS Word. (Setting up APA headers in Word).
    • Also, please see the resources below at The Owl at Purdue site for more information on how to develop an outline: 
    o Types of Outlines and Samples
    o Four Main Components for Effective Outlines
    o Why and How to Create a Useful Outline
    • For more information on how to format in-text citations and references lists, the links below: 
    o In-Text Citations: The Basics