Martyn Percy’s essay “Fundamentalism’:

Respond, analyze, and assess the following statement from Martyn Percy’s essay “Fundamentalism’: “Fundamentalism is, more particularly, a general and particular reaction (in the phrase of Martin Marty) to ‘the mixed offerings of modernity’. Fundamentalism is parasitic within modernity: it feeds off what it fights. And without opposition, it dies.” (Percy, 207) 

• Provide a brief summary or overview of the reading • Demonstrate your ability to show depth in thinking and writing by choosing a 2-3 concrete examples from the reading that support your analysis/response to Percy. Do not simply summarize — construct your own ideas that demonstrate that you have attempted to analyze and/or critically respond to the source’s argument/material (see, e.g., the resource “Analytic Essay”). This may include making connections between different parts of the reading. • ALWAYS PROVIDE SPECIFIC PAGE NUMBERS FOR ALL REFERENCES TO THE READING — WHETHER YOU ARE PARAPHRASING OR DIRECTLY QUOTING SOURCES. • Do not use other sources other than the assigned reading. You may use dictionaries if unclear about complicated terms, but do not google for content and do not use internet sites like Wikipedia. • This is an independent assignment. Do not share your work with others and do not copy other people’s work. • Citing sources: for this assignment, the easiest method is MLAB (see ) • Provide a works cited page.