Netflix Analysis


  1. Netflix was a pioneer in the online video rental market, making ‘old-fashioned’ DVD rentals a thing of the past and putting Blockbuster out of business. Using the five-forces model, describe how Netflix changed the entertainment rental industry. 
  2. What is Netflix’s competitive strategy? What does it believe is the driving force that makes this strategy so successful? Do you agree? 
  3. In terms of sustaining the company’s competitive advantage, what is the most important step that Netflix has taken, as noted by Hastings and McCord? 
  4. -Where we want to be, how to get there, and where are we now” are key points of a successful company’s strategy. How do the company’s HR policies support the firm’s strategy? 
  5. How does Netflix monitor its employees’ performance? Would you prefer to be evaluated this way or through a balanced scorecard (BSC) approach? Explain your position. 
  6. How would you create a link between customers and the way employees perform to assure that 
    incentives are distributed evenly and equally at Netflix?”