Poor image

In Defense of the Poor Image. https://aaaaarg.fail/thing/51c584186c3a0ed90b770d00 Hito Steyerl THEME #technology and society METHOD #critical inquiry FORMAT #essay Steyerl’s essay analyzes the contemporary production and circulation of digital images through a Marxist lens, reconsidering the value system associated with spam and meme images. The author uses #critical inquiry to form a specific perspective. Further reading https://www.coppelcollection.com/en/lee-la-imagen-pobre-de-hito-steyerl-como-indice-de-lo-contemporaneo/ Do 2 separate writing “sprints,’ one [1] which is a ‘first pass’ at your reactions to the essay from Steyerl, and a second [2] which attempts to grapple with one of the ideas from your reaction essay. What possibilities for expansion and clarification do you find? • What content in the outline is underrepresented? • What is the ‘big question’ that you want to ask? (it does NOT need to be answered, only asked!) • Formalize an outline that clarifies your position and create a provocative (and productive) questioning at the end. • Write a 1000 word (minimum) essay, be sure to bring in at least 2 references/quotes and cite them ‘inline’ (check MLA for style).